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04 Nov 2012
You probably know that GW is placed in a fantasy world, charges no monthly fees, and uses large-scale instancing. The current group of mainstream RPGs all have awesome graphics, and GW is certainly no exception. Animation, shade, and water effects are everything you could ask for, and you're soon to find yourself pausing to enjoy the view in regions as you explore Tyria. Character models are very well-done and the animation is inspiring. Although the landscapes are beautiful, your exploration through them is pretty restricted. You may not fall or jump from a bridge, and you are more or less guided to your goal by invisible barriers. The interface has improved considerably since beta. Windows and shortcut bars can be shifted and changed very easily. You might also draw on the mini-map; a nice feature which allows party strategy. It may be pleasant if you could view your party members energy (or mana) in the party window and not just their HP. The combat log has also disappeared. Looking at game controls, they're not perfect but they are easy enough to get used to. I disabled the option to move by mouse because a left click is also used to highlight and engage monsters. By default, if you go to target an enemy with the mouse and make a mistake, you will move to the position you clicked, which may become very aggravating. I am disappointed to see that there is at the moment no way to appropriately customize mouse controls. You may have to fiddle with the options for a moment to end up with a setup you're happy using. GW does utilise collision detection, so you may not just run right through other players while in the play regions. This makes constructing a wall around your party's healer, for example, a worthwhile strategy. Unfortunately, when you attack you also automatically position yourself within range, so if your enemy moves you tend to end up chasing them around. Character Creation Humans are the single selectable race in GW, so the key choice you have to make is which profession (or class) to select. There are 6 professions, from which you can choose a primary and a secondary profession. It's worth some thought because you are merely allowed a total of 4 characters. Character customization is a little simple. If you don't go the goth-like Necromancer path, you're simply going to end up playing like a glamourmodel. One of the most fun things about creating a character in GW is that you are provided with the option to begin with a character that is immediately at the level cap (20) which can simply participate in PvP arenas. Your ulterior consideration is to begin at the beginning with a roleplaying character and advance through the game's PvE (player versus environment) stuff. In many ways, GW mixes the epic simple adventures of single-player RPGs with a simply accessible online community. Towns stay as lobbies and marketplaces where you can greet other players, empty your loot, and form a party, which can then traverse their own reflection of Tyria. You can hearthstone instantly to a city at any time by selecting it on the world map. There are no single shards or servers, so it is a truly huge game and playing with players from other continents is readily accomplished. Be sure to check out guild wars gold and find a suitable quantity. If you follow instructions for your gw gold, then your order will be placed quickly and easily. Reputable, professional and reliable.


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